who was it?

who was it?who was it?

PVA Glue, Acrylic Panel 白膠, 亞加力膠板
Dimension variable

Remarks: This is the documentation of a ten-days site-specific art project at Patarei Cultural Park* in Tallin, Estonia.

Every step made was heavy and tense; every object had a story behind. The mysterious past of Patarei was like an unawake soul. All three works focused on the people who have been there. ‘where did they go?’ is looking for the owners of the shoes; “who did it? ” marks my intervention and observation of the stories that has happened; “who was it?”  is a conjecture of this person’s identify and the whereabouts.

* Patarei is a former sea fortress built in 1828. It was once a military camp and prison in USSR time. In 1991 Estonia gained its independence from Russia. Until 2007 Patarei turned into a cultural park and opens limitedly to the public.


每一步都被沉重氣氛壓著;每一物件都有耐人尋味的故事,這裡謎一樣的過去就像沉睡中的靈魂。三件作品的主題都是曾經出現在這裡的人。《where did they go?》 是在尋找鞋的主人;《who did it?》以我的觀察及介入延續房間上演過的故事;《who was it?》則在推測相中人的身分及其下落。

* 帕特瑞是前蘇聯時期的海上堡壘,建於1828,也曾是軍營和監獄,百多年來歷盡變遷。1991年愛沙尼亞脫離俄羅斯獨立,2007年當局將帕特瑞改為文化公園,有限度對外開放。